What is a Funeral?

A funeral service is a ceremony held to acknowledge, celebrate and honour the life of a loved one who has passed away.  The service serves as part of the grieving process, giving friends and family the chance to express their emotions and say goodbye as they lay their loved one to rest.

Each funeral service is unique, an individualised tribute to a person to commemorate the love and joy they brought to others, while carrying out the traditions and beliefs of various cultures and spiritualities.

There are many different ways to celebrate a life. It is important to consider what type of service you and your loved one would prefer, such as a traditional funeral,  memorial service, viewing or a celebration of life service, keeping in mind that many people may choose to carry out more than one of these events to venerate a loved one.

Traditional Funeral Service  – Typically held in a church, chapel, temple, graveside or crematorium. The casket or urn is presented at the front of the service which is usually officiated by a religious minister or celebrant. Characteristically, funeral services include hymns, traditional music, eulogies, stories about the deceased, bible reading and one’s favourite pomes, quotes or songs.

Memorial Service – A memorial service is much like a traditional funeral service, however, there is no casket present. Memorial services can be held after any length of time following a passing.

Viewing –  A viewing is an opportunity to say your  final farewells to a loved one. Typically taking place the day before or on the day of  a funeral service, a viewing allows family and friends to view the deceased,  pay respects, say their final words and offer some closure by seeing a loved one at peace. Items of sentiment such as letters, photos and special items are also often placed inside the casket to be buried or cremated with the deceased.

Celebration Of Life Service – A celebration of life service is a term used to describe a unique funeral or memorial service. The event is more of a celebratory nature than it is formal and somber. A celebration of life can be as traditional or as non-traditional as desired, while touching on the unique aspects and personality of a person. For example, a family may decide to have a meal or refreshments at a special place such as a beach or family home with personal touches such as candles, photographs and items of sentiment while reminiscing and sharing stories.

Wake – A wake is usually held after a funeral. A wake is of a less formal environment than a funeral, often including food and refreshments whilst family and friends gather to reminisce and celebrate the life of a loved one. Typically held at a venue that’s convenient or holds special value to the deceased.

Here at Shakespeare Funerals, our staff are flexible and compassionate people who will guide you through the funeral arrangement process whilst ensuring  you, your family and the deceased are given the utmost dignity and respect. We acknowledge that during this difficult time, you are faced with a great deal of grief and stress and we work to relieve some of that burden by ensuring you are supported and given the most exceptional service possible. We are transparent and honest, non-judgemental, ethical and pride ourselves on integrity.

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