Pre-planning your Funeral

A pre-planned funeral is where you discuss with Shakespeare Funerals your preference for a particular type and style of funeral. Together, we can create the most suitable and memorable service that will reflect your life and your wishes.

By planning ahead, you will relieve your family of worry, stress and uncertainty during a difficult time – no family disagreements, no wondering if this is what ‘you wanted’ – just an individual funeral service as you want, without the burden on your loved ones.

Our Funeral Consultant will meet with you and record your preferences for future reference, but no formal agreement or payment is entered into for that specific funeral. You can simply inform your family that your wishes are recorded with Shakespeare Funerals – it will then be the responsibility of your family or executor to arrange the funeral as per your instructions, and to pay for it at the time of the funeral.

Here is a list of some of the requirements you may like to discuss when pre-planning your funeral:

  • Your religious and cultural requirements
  • Your Legal requirements
  • Burial or cremation
  • Coffin or casket selection
  • Floral arrangements
  • What you wish to be dressed in
  • When to hold the funeral
  • Where to hold the funeral
  • Donations to a charity
  • Where to hold your after funeral gathering for friends
  • Your eulogy or your life story and who to thank
  • Music for your service
  • Speakers at your service
  • Pall bearers

If you wish to pre-pay when you plan your funeral, you can discuss this with our Funeral Consultant. By pre-paying now, your funeral costs will be set at the prices of the date that the contract is entered to.

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