Death Away from Home

In the event that the death of a loved one occurs a great distance from home, nationally or internationally, please contact us immediately so we can arrange to bring them home. We are contactable 24/7.

Here at Shakespeare Funerals, we will make all of the arrangements and liaise with the appropriate parties to ensure your loved one is returned safely within a timely manner. We will handle any legal requirements related to transportation inner-state as well as any statutory or custom requirements if the death occurs interstate or overseas.

It is impossible to give a fixed price on the transportation of a deceased person due to the multiple variables associated with the costs including; the mode of transport, distance, size and weight ect but please be assured that we will be completely honest and transparent, keeping you updated on the costs and all details each step of the way.

Shakespeare Funerals will offer:

  • Preparation of all the necessary documents and permits.
  • Translation for documentation.
  • Making arrangements with the airline and receiving funeral home.

If at all you have any question regarding transportation, please feel free to contact us.

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