Burial or Cremation

The decision to be buried or cremated is generally based on personal preference. Often, the decision is influenced by personal belief, religion and tradition. Other factors that can impact the decision include socioeconomic status, costs, location, burial, space and convenience.

Burial – Some cultures have firm beliefs that burial is the only way a deceased person should be laid to rest. Cemeteries can be public or privately owned, with the opportunity to pre-purchase plots or to purchase them as required. People can purchase double plots to allow 2 people to be buried together or side-by-side.  In some circumstances, people are buried on privately owned land such as a family property in which case, permission must be obtained by the necessary authorities.

Cremation – In some cultures, cremation is the preferred method. With an increase in population, particularly in Metropolitan areas, cremations have become increasingly popular. Once a person has been cremated, the ashes are returned to the family and can be handled in a vast variety of ways including interment into a niche wall or graves, spread in a sentimental area, placed in an urn and kept in a special place or made into gemstones or jewellery. Cremation is often cheaper than burial, provided the resources are available.

At Shakespeare funerals, we can help you to arrange a burial or cremation. While in some unique circumstances such as coronial cases where a person may only be permitted to be buried so an exhumation can occur if required, the decision to be buried or cremated is solely a matter of personal choice.

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