Bereavement Support

Following the funeral of a loved one, our team of professionals will follow up with the direct family to provide bereavement care and support to help you through this difficult time.

What is Bereavement

Bereavement is the experience of the loss of someone significant, through death. Although bereavement is a highly personal and often traumatic event, many people go through a range of recognisable reactions and emotions when someone they are close to dies.

The death of a loved person is a shock to the bereaved person. Shock is not just emotion but affects the whole body and to survive this, the body releases endorphins. This is a phenomenon which occurs universally for every person suffering grief.

These endorphins have an anaesthetic-like effect, which numbs the person and the impact of the grief, allowing them to function;  seemingly invaluable at the time of the funeral.

Endorphins will stay in the system for four to six weeks. As they wear off, the pain of grief comes through. It is quite usual for a bereaved person to be feeling a lot sadder about four to six weeks after the death. Bereaved people sometimes think they should be ‘getting better’ by then, and get very worried about themselves if they feel worse. They often fear they are ‘going mad’. This fear is in response to the intensity of the grief.

bereavementThe wearing-off of the effects of the endorphins coincides with the time when the rest of the world has returned to their usual lives. Relatives are back at work, functioning as usual. The bereaved person will often feel very alone. Four to six weeks is quite a while to live without the person who has died; to not see him/her, to not talk, to not hold – the missing and the experiencing of the absence is feeling very real. The enormity and the reality of the loss starts to hit and grief may be at its most intense.

Shakespeare Funerals staff are here to support you during this time.   We strongly encourage families and friends to attend Free Community Grief and Bereavement Support Sessions.

Contact us on for details of upcoming sessions or call 6882 2434.


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